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What are the Advantages to Joining Sigma Beta Delta?


Lifetime Recognition for Outstanding Academic Achievements

Sigma Beta Delta membership provides recognition for a lifetime. Because the Society is recognized for honoring scholastic excellence in business, it is appropriate to include Sigma Beta Delta membership on one’s resume. Employers throughout the country will recognize your academic achievements.

Fellowship Program

Sigma Beta Delta members are eligible to compete for the Society’s fellowship awards. The Society awards $1,000  and $1,500 Fellowships annually to assist Eleven outstanding student members in continuing their education. Click here to find out more about this program.

Networking Opportunities

Sigma Beta Delta campus chapters can assist in advancing the career opportunities of members. As members graduate and assume important positions in the business community, they provide excellent sources of help and guidance for future employment. The chance for Sigma Beta Delta student and alumni members to network with business professionals places them a step ahead of the employment competition.

Lifetime Contact Through Aspirations Newsletter

The Society publishes Aspirations at least annually for distribution to the membership. The newsletter keeps the membership informed of Sigma Beta Delta’s activities and current business issues.

Bloomberg Businessweek Subscription

Sigma Beta Delta and Bloomberg Businessweek partnered together in 2008 because we share the same goals – to recognize scholarship and achievement and promote personal and professional improvement. At that time, Sigma Beta Delta began providing new inductees a one-year subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek as part of their membership. Bloomberg Businessweek’s forward-thinking perspective and useful insights helps our new members turn ideas into action.

Sigma Beta Delta is committed to supporting its alumni as well. We are proud to announce the partnership with Bloomberg Businessweek now includes a special alumni rate. To take advantage of this benefit, please go to www.businessweek.com/subs/sbd to subscribe or call 800-635-1200 and mention the code CI001SBD.

Association of College Honor Societies

Did you know that members of ACHS honor societies meet one of the requirements for entrance at the GS-7 level in federal employment? Most new employees enter at the GS-5 level or lower. Citation on the application is required.

However, applicants must meet all of the requirements as described in the particular Federal Job Announcement.

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