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  1. Ampy Buchholz

    Congratulations to all the new inductees! Go IT!

  2. Orlando Adams

    Love the idea, however can I suggest a script or an EST. Year or date. Maybe make them mirror the hats. BTW I love the hats……. They are awesome!!!!!

  3. Orlando Adams

    100% of awesomeness!!!

  4. Orlando Adams

    200% of awesomeness !!!!!

  5. Cindy

    Andrew Lepre created this video with his drone. He has his own company called AJ productions. He does an awesome job and intends to expand his Drone fleet in the near future. Thank you Andrew for this awesome video.

  6. Renetta L

    Nice colors and so wow!

  7. Saturn

    Congrats, James Rogers. May you receive many more blessings in the future.

  8. Jonathan E. Temple

    Congratulations to our newest fellow Sigma Beta Delta members. Welcome aboard and a job well done!

  9. Orlando Adams

    I like what you did here, but you have to use all our colors. The Grey is a nice touch because it neutralizes the scheme, the green is a real nice affect however I think this needs some yellow outlining the green as a high light. You need something to bring the Greek letters out if not they get hidden by the Grey, both colors are to dark. I love it though, SBD I’ll always be

  10. Linda

    I graduated in January 2015 after a long, long process. The DBA program was terrific and the lessons I learned are priceless.

    Linda Pugsley Morales, DBA
    Argosy University

  11. Katrina Anderson

    This was such a great experience. Happy to be apart of Sigma Beta Delta. Thank You.

  12. Andrew Maristch III

    Congratulations to all fellow inductees!

  13. Jerryse

    Congrats Rezzie 🙂

  14. Jerquel Rolle

    Congratulations Jerez from Mom (Timetha), Dad (Jerry) and your Sisters Jerryse and Jerquel!! Continue to Reach for the Stars:) Well done!

  15. Our division is very happy to welcome these new members, and are proud of their scholastic achievement that granted them this great honor! We look forward to seeing where these students’ futures lead them.

    – Christina Robinson, Advisor for Sullivan University – Lexington Sigma Beta Delta chapter

  16. Orlando Adams

    Congrats to all award winners!!!!

  17. Katrina Anderson


  18. Orlando Adams

    They are very nice, I think the est. Is a nice touch brings it in prospective

  19. Natalie Greeley

    I love it. It goes everywhere I go. I plan on getting the messenger bag too.

  20. Keisha Dean

    Thank you!

  21. Patricia Reyes

    I am excited becoming a member of the Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society. Thank you for have this space and I would like to receive more information about programs and opportunities.

    Patricia Reyes
    Georgia Gwinnett College

  22. Lee E. Troope, Jr.

    I am so excited about my membership in this society.

    Lee Troope
    Thomas Edison State College

  23. Linda Morales, DBA

    I graduated in January 2016 after a long, long process. The DBA program was terrific and the lessons I learned are priceless.

    Linda Pugsley Morales, DBA
    Argosy University

  24. Lucretia Rolle

    CONGRATULATIONS Glendisha!! Way to go and wishing you many, many more success!!!


  25. I am honored to be apart of such a prestigious honor society. Thank you!

    Ebony C. Barber

  26. Bill Nicholson

    Hannah is my favorite student and I was happy to have her in my class.

  27. Tishra

    Thanks!! Congrats Sharon S. Shattuck!

  28. William Whaley

    My Congratulations to Professor Coy from BUS452. I should be joining you this upcoming July, as I have already received my invite. I won’t be able to attend the graduation due to my military retirement being that same week, but please know how happy I am for you, especially another (although former) comrade in arms. Congrats again!

    William Whaley, CPO, USN, BPS, AASB
    BUS452 Oct-Dec 2015

  29. Thomas N Gilmartin


  30. This was an amazing ceremony and a definite accomplishment for my college experience.

  31. Christopher C. Powers

    Go Sharks !!!!!!! The future is bright. Do not forget to wear your Sigma Beta Delta regalia at graduation. You have worked hard for your induction into Sigma Beta Delta, so wear your colors with pride.

  32. maria jose g medeiros

    Parabéns KAREN VICTORIA F. Pimentel, novo membro SIGMA BETA DELTA CENTRAL OFFICE .

  33. Director Post author

    I apologize, I don’t think I received the new artwork. Please resend the artwork as an attachment to

  34. kyle dellosa

    Honored to be a part of this great society! Onward we go!

  35. Eva Saterfield

    Congratulations to my daughter Malaysia and all of the inductees! So proud of my daughter who knows and loves the Lord. She knows she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her! To Him we give all of the praise, honor, and glory! ❤

  36. douglas

    Congratulations to all of the new inductees.

  37. We have a great group and I am honored to serve them!!

  38. Abdur Harper

    Thank you!

  39. Randy is a good sales person and teacher. I had a great experience from his advice and teaching.

  40. Mitchell

    Congratulations Kedesha on you accomplishment.

  41. Kristin Gail

    Congratulations Stacey Smaldone!!!!

  42. Minaly Pagan

    Can my initials be put on the stole MP

  43. Robert Kasey

    Would be great if you could customize for the college/university of graduation (i.e. NSU above “Honors”

  44. William J. Kehoe, Charlottesville, VA

    Dr. Donald Driemeier was a wonderful gentleman, scholar, skilled administrator, deeply committed to the honor societies of Beta Gamma Sigma and Sigma Beta Delta, a friendly and joyful person, and an all-around nice man. In having a conversation with Don, you would sense his deep interest in you as a person as he listened so well to everything you were saying. He listened so well with a wonderful twinkle in his eyes. His advice on any subject always was to-the-point and on-the-mark. He lived as a caring and giving person throughout his life. After a life so well lived, he rests now in God’s good care.

  45. SHoffmann

    Congratulations on your graduation.

    Very proud and happy for you.

    Gram Hoffmann

  46. Michael Christolin

    For me, it’s a great honor to be part of your prestigious community!

  47. Orlando Adams

    Can we get a re- run on the ball caps or can we get a safari style or bucket hat

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