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American Public University System’s Newest Members

In April and May 2015 American Public University System inducted 106 new Sigma Beta Delta members. These following names were added to the roles of Sigma Beta Delta in recognition of their high academic achievement and pledge to pursue a life of wisdom, honor and aspirations under the guidance of their chapter advisor Ryan Parks:

Justin Michael Pennel
Robert Allen Stanley
Danielle Hinkkanen
Richard L. Foutch
Jeff L. Kimbrough
Shadrach Adam Davy
Shawn D. Green
Pamela M. Krier
Dameon L. Crockett
Joshua L. Waraczynski
David Cardenas
Kyle Andrew Malikowski
Marcus David Hall
Walter Ray Sullivan
Wesley D. Verret Jr.
James M. Calder
Denise Elizabeth Ferniza
William K. Detweiler
Ms. Paula Sue Bobnock
Megan Cummings
Scott L. Taylor
Vincent C. Crews Jr.
Victor Anthony Mancaruos
Ross A. Powers
Melissa Ann McGregor
David W. Brooks
Marc W. Wallace
Melanie Renee Huk
Kathryn E. M. Hutmacher
Blair M. Mallonee Sr
Shannon Riley
Kathy S. Wiseman
Jenniffer Harvey
George M. Coppock
Narcisa Boddie Johnson
Michael W. Turner
William L. McNeil Sr.
Arturo Demas Rodriguez
Judith Rivera
Mario Locklear
Stephen John McConnell
Mildred Elizabeth Gilyard
Paul R. Kunkel
Odell Ferguson Jr.
Amy Beth Hammershoy
Benson G. Pan
Roberto J. Vazquez Figueroa
Sheri L. Eiri
Zachary Evan Rubart
Plourde Vallon
Gordon W. Lindgren
Nicholas D. Huffman
Nicholas A. Johnson
Alana Joy Mann
Vincent Valenti
Jacquelyn R. Tuggle
Christopher Lee Steele
Kenneth J. Rogers
William Colon
Leslie Carlysle Cascell
Darrell Edward Sheppeard
Jason M. Pierce
Vinh Nguyen
Kimberly D. Seymour
Jim Boland
Charlene Elizabeth Spears
Kristopher Gonzalez
Ashley Nicole Higgins
Michael Washington
Denisha L. Hill
Jeffery D. McWaine
Jeremiah L. Brewington
Ricardo O. Rosario
Isaac Perry
Thomas T. Brooks
Jason Edward Kenneth Brown
Michael Lane Clark
Jonathan T. Sternes
Kenneth Gipe
Sean Mullis
Rulia Valencia Harris
Rockell Marie Brown
Carrie E. M. McCarthy
Aaron J. Evans
John R. Conte II
James J. Castellano
Maria Nordlander
Christopher E. M. Gonzalez
Earl Kenneth Darko Sebastian Mena
Cristin M. Johnson
Mario Donell Yarbrough
Marcus Scott Kelley
Valarie Barthel-Royce
Sherry K. Kirk
Angela F. Ritter
Shelley Perks
Rita D. Devine-Willis
James G. Malcolm
Virginia M. Langley
Tiara S. Elvin
Margaret A. Dixon
James R. Carter Jr.
Jessica S. Baughman
Darius A. Charlton
Joshua Johnson Whiteland
Christian Frith Davis

Congratulations and welcome to all of our new members.

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